Kelmscott – Bridgestone

This project involved the conversion of a portion of an existing retain building to a new Bridgestone service and showroom station.

The works included the modification of the existing structural steel including the removal of several supporting columns. New structural columns and foundations were added to compensate, and additional roof support beams were also required. To accommodate the vehicle access requirements, a large opening was required through the side of the building. 3 new Roller shutters were installed and the existing concrete tilt panels were partially removed to create this opening. The remaining tilt panels above this opening were supported by the new structural steel installed. Careful planning and detailed engineering was required to ensure that the roof and remaining tilt panels were adequately supported prior to any panel removal could commence.

Internally, a new large workshop was constructed along with a showroom and wet area facilities. All internal rooms were constructed to Bridgestone’s standard national requirements for all their locations.